Walimex pro Softbox II 60x60 cm

Walimex pro Softbox II 60x60 cm
  • indispensable for small product photographies
  • ideally suitable for people and beauty photography
  • innovative technique for quick and uncomplicated assembly
  • Softbox rotatable around 360°
  • incl. front and rear diffuser and convenient carrying bag
  • first-class workmanship and quality
  • please note, that this Softbox can only be used with modeling lamps up to 150W; if you would like to use modeling lamps with more than 150W, you have to adjust it necessarily

Περιγραφή :

The high-quality Softbox with 60x60cm is the ideal assistant for soft and even illumination. Whether people, beauty or product photography, whenever you want to achieve the most-possible glare-proof lighting, this Softbox is the right tool. Thanks to its innovative technique, it is easy to assemble in a few steps. Furthermore, the Softbox can be rotated around 360° with little effort. The rear diffuser, which is also included, can be used optionally as to make the light softer. The front and rear diffuser are easy to remove by means of Velcro fastener.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :

General information

Width 600mm
Weight 760g


Softbox Type Square Softbox
Depth 460mm
size 60x60cm
Grid/Overlay No


Girth 1161mm
Height of Packaging 36mm
Length of Packaging 575mm
Weight incl. Packaging 920g
Width of Packaging 257mm

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  • 1x walimex pro Softbox 60x60cm with front and rear diffuser and convenient carrying bag
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