Walimex pro Carbon Camera Jib Traveller 7.2

Walimex pro Carbon Camera Jib Traveller 7.2
  • Sturdy camera jig
  • Light and portable
  • Made from carbon and CNC-milled aluminium
  • Easily adjustable
  • Total weight 2.5 kg
  • Load-bearing capacity of max. 5 kg
  • Extendable from 70 cm to 200 cm
  • Large number of 1/4-inch threads for mounting accessories
  • Incl. 75-mm half-shell adapter and carry case

Περιγραφή :

For special shots
Even during a time of drones and gimbals, one of the most well-known and oldest tools for film-making is still irreplaceable: the camera jib.

Whether horizontal or vertical camera panning with a large radius or filming over crowds, with a jib, you can make shots like this with ease with your own camera, which, with our carbon camera jibs, can weigh up to 5 kg. Under such a weight, normal, well-known drones and gimbals have long since given out.

Technology to be enthusiastic about
The carbon camera jib traveller 7.2 is not only perfectly suited for the above-cited uses – it is also particularly portable: Thanks to the carbon construction, it weighs just 2.5 kg when fully assembled with the 75-mm half-shell adapter. When fully assembled it is just 70 cm long and can be comfortably taken with you everywhere in the padded carry bag. When totally extended, it is 2 m in length. Usual weight plates can be used as a counterbalance, mounted on to the counter rod. Thanks to the fine, infinitely variable adjustability of the counter rod, the jib can be balanced with precision so you can carry out pan and travel shots with ease.

All segments of the main jib and counter rod can be put together and taken apart quickly and easily using a ring lock.

Well thought-out details
The base has many 1/4-inch threads to which additional accessories can be attached. We have positioned two 1/4-inch threads purposefully on top of each other so that our swivel arm anti-twist lock can be mounted. This prevents the swivel arm on which a monitor is usually attached coming loose or sagging unintentionally when a jib is used. So, with a jib or a camera height of 2 m, the live image can be followed comfortably and the focus can be adjusted with precision. For all film-makers who want to get going straight away, we have packed this accessory ready-to-order: Art. no. 21328, comprising

  • walimex pro 7” Full lHD IPS monitor
  • NP-F type battery
  • Swivel arm 18
  • Anti-twist lock set

The camera jib can, in total, be attached with 2 x 1/4-inch and 1 x 3/8-inch threads to a tripod or a quick-release plate. We recommend for the greatest possible stability always connecting the jib and the tripod plate to two threads – this way, the jib will stand securely on the tripod and will be unable to come loose or twist.

Connection options
To mount the camera on the jib, we offer two solutions: Either directly to the camera plate with a 1/4-inch camera screw (included) or with the 75-mm half-shell adapter which is also included. It is attached directly with two Allen screws directly to the camera plate and can take a video head with a 65-mm or 75-mm half-shell.

Hollywood is waiting
Both the workmanship of the camera jib and the well-thought out details and the wide range of accessories make the walimex pro carbon camera jib traveller 7.2 the perfect companion for impressive scenes and film shoots. The camera jib perfectly meets professional requirements.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :

General information

Weight 2500g
Height 800mm
Material Carbon, aluminium, CNC-milled
Product Color Black
Extensible Yes
Special Features incl. 75 mm of half bowl adaptor and carrying bag
Max. Working Height 2000mm
Min. Working Height 700mm
Product Type Camera Crane


Special Features incl. 75 mm of half bowl adaptor and carrying bag
Max. Working Height 2000mm
Min. Working Height 700mm
Extensible Yes
3/8 inch accesories thread No
Max. Capacity 5kg


Girth 1510mm
Height of Packaging 150mm
Length of Packaging 850mm
Weight incl. Packaging 4130g
Width of Packaging 180mm

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  • 1x walimex pro carbon camera jib traveller 7.2
  • 1x 75-mm half-shell adapter incl. Allen key
  • 1x carry bag
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