Walimex pro 3in1 Reflector Halfpipe, concave150x60

Walimex pro 3in1 Reflector Halfpipe, concave150x60
  • Concave reflector for Fashion and Beauty photography, brightens from below and creates unique accents in the eyes
  • Perfect illumination of face and eyes, for flash as well as continuous light, also for natural light
  • Three reflector fabrics for various effects: silver, white and wavy gold
  • Adjustable angle of inclination, quick change of reflector colours through Velcro
  • Spigot connection for easy mounting on lamp stands
  • Reflector size 150x60cm, can be taken apart, with transport and storage bag

Περιγραφή :

Perfect for Portraits
The purpose of the concave reflector is to brighten portraits from below. It is placed with the opening upwards (or slightly inclined) in front of the model and illuminated from above with soft light (reflector sail, softbox, diffuser) so that the light is reflected from below into the subject's face. This reduces or completely prevents the often disturbing shadows under the nose, mouth, chin, cheeks and eye sockets. On top of that, you create a bright mirror image of the wide reflector surface in the eyes of your subject, which looks a bit like a smile. The reflector is supplied in a handy bag. It is easy to assemble without tools. A clear operating manual helps you to assemble the reflector quickly and safely. The Walimex pro 3in1 Reflector Halfpipe is concave arched, hence the name. For a perfect illumination of the portraits it has a size of 150 x 60 cm. Of course, nothing stands in the way of other creative applications of the concave reflector!

3 functions in one
First of all, the frame of the halfpipe is strung with the silver reflector fabric. With the additional reversible cover - white on one side and wavy gold on the other - you can change the silver reflector to a different colour in seconds using the Velcro fastener:

  • wavy gold: This special coating consists of a zigzag pattern with alternating gold and silver stripes. Together they reflect the incoming light and create a warm soft but bright illumination for the motif. This colour is particularly suitable for skin tones, as sunlight also receives a warmer tone. The silver content maximizes brightness due to its strong reflectivity.
  • white: The classic reflector colour for brightening with soft light. The light is not reflected as precisely as with silver, but loses intensity because it bounces off the reflector in a spherical shape. On the other hand, the light effect is similar to that of a diffuser.
  • silver: Guarantees maximum light output, which can work wonders in bad weather conditions. However, silver is not recommended in full sun or direct lightning.

Tips for the use of the reflector Halfpipe
The reflector can be held by an assistant. This allows a quick setup and quick adjustment of the angle. However, it can also be used mounted on a stable lamp stand. This is a better solution, especially in a quiet studio atmosphere. The concave Walimex pro 3in1 reflector halfpipe is equipped with a high-quality centre beam and a stable locking mechanism. The inclination of the reflector can be adjusted over 180 degrees from -90ᄚ to +90ᄚ. This gives you maximum flexibility for your work. Due to the size of the reflector, an appropriately stable lamp tripod is necessary, such as the Walimex pro Classic WT-806 lamp stand 256 cm (Art. No. 12138). Attention: Weigh down the lamp tripod sufficiently to ensure a safe stand. Recommended accessories:

  • 12138 Walimex pro WT-806 Lamp Stand 256 cm
  • 16405 Walimex pro AIR 290 Lamp Stand 290 cm
  • 17380 Walimex pro AIR 355 Lamp Stand 355 cm
  • 13739 Walimex Weight for pole and boom tripods, 4.4 kg
  • 15876 Walimex tripod weight, 3 kg
  • 15537 Walimex pro sandbag

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :

General information

Material Metal; synthetic material; polyester
Product Color Black, Silver, White, Wavygold
Length 600mm
Width 1500mm
Height 500mm
Weight 2600g


Coating Yes
Coating Color White, Silver, Wavy-golden
Operation Area Portrait Photography


Girth 1375mm
Height of Packaging 163mm
Length of Packaging 725mm
Packaging Material Carton
Weight incl. Packaging 2950g
Width of Packaging 162mm

Περιλαμβάνει :

  • 1x concave reflector, consisting of:
    • 2x Curved cross bar (3 parts)
    • 2x Connecting rod
    • 1x Center beam
    • 1x Reflector material silver
  • 1x Reflector fabric wavy gold and white
  • 1x Transport bag
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