Panasonic SDR-S150 3.1MP 3CCD MPEG2 Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom + Remote Control

Panasonic SDR-S150 3.1MP 3CCD MPEG2 Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom + Remote Control
  • 3CCD camera system for clear, accurate images
  • Leica Dicomar lens
  • Optical Image Stabilizer (O.I.S) for video and still images
  • 2.8-inch LCD monitor



Product description

The SDR-S150 with its 3CCD Camera System reproduces color in great fidelity by using a separate CCD for reds greens and blues. It's the same 3CCD technology used in Panasonic professional broadcast equipment resulting in 540 lines of breathtaking resolution. Includes Optical Image Stabilizer which helps eliminate blurred images Leica Dicomar Lens and 2GB SD Memory Card.

As the follow-up to the SDR-S100, the Panasonic SDR-S150 builds on the success of its predecessor. Not only can you record MPEG2 video straight to an SD card (2GB card included), but the 3CCD image sensor and optical image stabilization work to ensure that your images look their best. The S150 also uses Panasonic's proprietary Quad-Density Pixel Distribution technology to convert the image signal. Providing four times the pixel density when recording still pictures, this lets the S150 capture 3.1-megapixel (2048 x 1512) still pictures. Plus, 1.5-second quick start and a wide, 2.8-inch LCD monitor make it easy to operate.

SDR-S150 Highlights

Leica Dicomar lens
The Leica Dicomar lens was developed jointly by world renowned Leica Camera AG and Panasonic to clear stringent quality standards as an ideal lens system for digital video cameras.



Multi-coated lenses
The multicoated lens is able to suppress diffused reflection. The S150's lens system has 12 elements in 8 groups, with 14 multicoated surfaces.

Low-dispersion glasses
It minimizes chromatic aberration caused by focal deviations in the light after it enters the lens. This suppresses both colour bleeding and false colour.



O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilizer)

The O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) cancels the hand-shake effect by stabilizing the image that reaches the CCD. Unlike the electrical stabilization system, the optical stabilization system accompanies almost no deterioration and unnatural touchup, This also works for the still picture as MEGA O.I.S. and assure sharp, clear motion pictures and still pictures.

3CCD camera system

The 3CCD camera system is used in most professional broadcast equipment. Each of the three primary colours is processed just the way it is. That means there is almost no light loss and the colour information is accurate.

Panasonic Original Engine (Crystal Engine plus MPEG2 Engine)

The Crystal Engine renders highly precise, life-like colours by processing each of the R, G and B signals from the three CCDS, while new noise shaping filters further improve processing precision. And the new Panasonic MPEG2 Engine achieves a level of recording quality in LP mode that approaches SP mode.

Crystal Engine
The three primary colours that are separated by the 3CCD system are processed individually. Noise is then optimally removed to produce images as beautiful as they appear in nature.

MPEG2 Engine
Panasonic has developed its own new MPEG2 Engine with Wide-Range Motion Search Tecnology and Variable Bit Rate System. It renders fast-moving subjects with outstanding precision. It also reproduces MPEG2 images in LP mode with the same level of resolution as images in SP mode.

With the SD/SDHC memory card, shooting video is easier and more convenient

Compact size, super-fast startup
The SD/SDHC Memory Card is just 24 x 32 x 2.1 mm (W x H x T) and weighs only 2 g (approx.). Startup time is very short too, so you can record on a moment's notice.

Use it almost anywhere
The tough little SD/SDHC Memory Card is highly resistant to heat, light, impact and dew condensation, so you can take it just about anywhere and use it in a wide range of conditions.

Quick, easy uploading to a PC
You don't have to run a finalising process when transferring data to a PC. With the SD Memory Card's quick, easy data transfer via the SD Memory Card slot, it's easy to use the video clips and still images you shoot.

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