Profoto B10 250 AirTTL

Profoto B10 250 AirTTL

Profoto B10
A big light in a small package

Size matters

Because how much gear you have to carry — matters. How much space you have to set up and work in — matters. Being able to move fast, get in, get out and most of all, get the shot — matters. All that, and more inspired the Profoto B10, our smallest ever cordless off-camera flash. It's a big light in a small package.

  • Product name

    B10 250 AirTTL

    Product number

  • 330191


  • Max energy

    250 Ws


  • Energy range

    10 f-stops (1.0-10)


  • Recycling time



  • Energy stability

    0.2 f-stops


  • F-stop @ 2m / 100 ISO

    22.7 with OCF Magnum reflector
    11.9 without reflector


  • TTL



  • HSS



Modeling light
  • Max output (lumens)

    2500 lm


  • Lamp type



  • Dimming range (%)



  • Color temp (⁰K

    Adjustable 3000-6500K (+-500K)


  • Color rendering (CRI)



Wireless connectivity
  • Operating range

    Sync and remote control 0.5-300 m (1.5-1000ft)
    HSS and TTL: 0.5-100 m (1.5-330 ft)


  • Supported Air features

    Flash sync
    Remote control
    High Speed Sync


  • Bluetooth



  • Supported Bluetooth features

    Profoto app


Additional connections
  • Sync socket(s)



  • Firmware upgrade

    USB-C port for firmware upgrades


  • Input power supply

    Li-Ion battery for B10


  • Battery capacity

    Up to 400 full power flashes
    Up to 75 minutes full continuous light
    Battery charges in less than 90 minutes


  • User upgradeable firmware



  • Photocell/IR-slave and switch



  • Umbrella mount



  • Width

    11cm (4.3")


  • Length

    17.5cm (6.9")


  • Height

    10cm (3.9")


  • Weight

    1.5 kg / 3.3 lbs (including battery and stand adapter)


A big light in a small package

It's seriously small for a location light, just a little bigger than a medium-sized zoom lens. That said, it punches significantly above its weight delivering five times the power of a speedlight. Light that's natural and beautiful with a soft, gentle fall-off.

True flexibility

You can shoot video with its continuous light, and both brightness and color temperature are easily adjusted to blend with the ambient light. For convenience you can just as easily mount the B10 on a camera tripod as on a light stand, and because it's super lightweight, you can even use it handheld.

A light you can grow with

With a dozen light-shaping tools in our compact and lightweight OCF family, and 120 more available from the full Profoto family, you can create and shape any kind of light with the B10. A range of Profoto AirTTL options for wireless trigger and control means you can use it with any major camera brand, while the Profoto app lets you play with light and shadow to create amazing images with the B10 from your smartphone.

Designed to make life easy Profoto B10

The B10, and the quality of light it delivers brings lots of creative possibilities. But ease-of-use is also incredibly important.

The clean and minimal interface means you can start shooting straight from the box, the battery is quick and easy to switch in and out, and you can also charge it while it's in use.

It’s also super-easy to trigger and control the B10 wirelessly from any Profoto AirTTL remote or the Profoto A1. You can point and shoot with TTL or switch to manual control at any time.

The Profoto app allows you to you easily view and control all B10 settings from the palm of your hand, and install new B10 updates in seconds.

The power of small

Erika and Lanny Mann of Two Mann Studios and Joseph Radhik travel the world pushing the limits of wedding photography. They are also great friends - Erika and Lanny even shot Joseph's wedding.

Discover how their style and approach contrasts as they shoot in and around the beautiful chaos of the blue city of Jodhpur, India. Erika and Lanny take a more organic free-wheeling approach to their photography while Joseph has the whole shoot worked out in his head before he begins. Jodhpur was the perfect place to put the B10 to the test and for these very different photographers to deliver their verdict.


Control, update and capture

Profoto app Light shaping from the palm of your hand


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