Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II black + EZ-M 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO black Kit

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II black + EZ-M 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO black Kit


  • 4/3'' Αισθητήρας Live MOS
  • 20,4 Megapixels
  • Πρωτεύον χρωματικό φίλτρο (RGB)
  • TruePic VIII
  • Φίλτρο υπερηχητικού κύματος
  • Ηλεκτρονικό σκόπευτρο 2,36 K dots
  • Οθόνη 3 ιντσών, πολλαπλών γωνιών, με ανάλυση 1.037.000 κουκκίδων 285dp
  • Μεμονωμένη αυτόματη εστίαση έως και 60fps σε φορμά RAW
  • Συνεχής αυτόματη εστίαση έως και 18fps σε φορμά RAW
  • Λήψη υψηλής ανάλυσης 50 MP
  • 1/16000 - 60 δευτ
  • Χαμηλή - 25600 ISO
  • Εστίαση 121 σημείων
  • Μικρό μέγεθος
  • Μπαταρία μεγάλης διάρκειας
  • Στιβαρή κατασκευή
  • Εγγραφή video 4K
  • Σταθεροποίηση εικόνας 5 αξόνων
  • Λειτουργία αθόρυβου κλείστρου
  • Λειτουργία live composite και live bulb
  • Υποδοχή δύο καρτών SD



Introducing the OM-D E-M1 Mark II, an advanced system of innovative technology and features designed to forever change your photography. Up to 18 frames per second sequential shooting with precision C-AF Tracking. 121 Cross-Type On-Chip Phase Detection AF points. Up to 5.5 shutter speed steps of compensation with powerful in-body image stabilization. Plus a 50MP High-Res Shot Mode. It’s all enclosed in a magnesium alloy weatherproof body that weighs a mere 600 grams. Paired with the superior resolution of M.Zuiko PRO lenses, the E-M1 Mark II will deliver brilliant imagery that’s coveted by professionals everywhere.

  1. 20 Megapixel Live MOS Sensor
  2. Advanced 5-Axis Image Stabilization
  3. Lightweight, Weatherproof Body
  4. 15fps Seq. Shooting (Mechanical)
  5. 60fps Seq. Shooting (Electronic)
  6. 1/8000s High-Speed Mechanical Shutter
  7. Cinema 4K Video
  8. 121-Point Dual FAST AF
  9. Fully-Articulating 3.0” Touch Monitor
  10. 50 Megapixel High-Res Shot Mode
  11. Focus Bracketing and Stacking
  12. Built-In Wi-Fi












Experience sequential shooting speeds that far surpass those of DSLR cameras. Using its advanced silent electronic shutter, the E-M1 Mark II captures 20 MP RAW image files at up to an astonishing 60 fps in S-AF Mode and 18 fps in C-AF Tracking Mode. Or, use the E-M1 Mark II’s high-speed mechanical shutter to shoot full resolution photos at a blazing 15 fps in S-AF Mode, far surpassing other cameras in its class. Thanks to cutting-edge processing speeds, even fast-moving subjects are captured in stunning detail.

*Sequential shooting speed as of 9/2016, using the E-M1 Mark II electronic shutter in S-AF Mode.


The high-speed autofocus built into the E-M1 Mark II captures split-second moments with precision and ease. Its Dual FAST AF system boasts an outstanding 121 points of On-Chip Phase Detection plus Contrast Detection AF. Every point of On-Chip Phase Detection is cross-type, facilitating detection of vertical and horizontal lines for superior accuracy. Four AF Target Modes – All Point, Single Point, 9-Point Group, and 5-Point Cross – can be easily switched with a single button press. Plus, the new Subject Tracking Cluster Display lets you easily focus on moving subjects using the camera’s C-AF Tracking.


The 20 MP Live MOS Sensor delivers rich gradations and excellent image quality, and its anti-reflective AR Coating reduces flare directly on the sensor. The 50 MP High Res Shot combines 8 shots to generate a single ultra-high res image. With a double quad-core system and dedicated AF calculation circuit, the TruePic™ VIII Image Processor easily powers the blazing sequential shooting and autofocus speeds. 4K (3840x2160) and C4K (4096x2160) video capture with a max bit rate of up to 237 Mbps is ideal for video production. And in-body 5-Axis Image Stabilization provides up to 5.5 shutter speed steps of compensation for blur-free handheld shooting.


Capturing precise moments often proves to be difficult, especially when your subject is in motion. The E-M1 Mark II’s Pro Capture Mode ensures that you catch the exact moment you want without any lag. Pro Capture starts taking and buffering a running series of full resolution JPEG / RAW images as soon as you press the shutter release button halfway. Fully press the shutter button to instantly record an image plus up to 14 previous frames. Keep the shutter button fully depressed to continue shooting. With Pro Capture’s silent electronic shutter and high speed sequential shooting, you’ll capture once-in-a-lifetime images in no time.


Whether you’re taking to the streets, traveling the world, or working in the studio, the E-M1 Mark II is built to keep you capturing great shots without worrying about your gear. It's designed to be compact and lightweight, providing easy handheld shooting with more freedom.The metal body is hermetically sealed to be splashproof, dustproof, and freezeproof down to 14°F (-10°C), so you can take advantage of every photo opportunity. The new high-capacity Li-Ion battery enables more shots on single charge plus requires significantly less charging time. And the dual card slots make it easy to backup and manage your image files.


Silent Shutter Mode completely eliminates shutter noise and all electronic sounds, perfect for wildlife, concert halls, or other quiet environments. With the Live Composite and Live Bulb Modes, you’ll shoot beautiful nighttime compositions as you watch the image build up on the monitor, giving you full freedom of exposure adjustment. For incredible macro shots, Focus Bracketing and Stacking lets you take several photos of a subject and then stack them into a single image with edge-to-edge clarity. Olympus Capture provides seamless tethered shooting through the USB 3.0 Type C port.


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