Olympus PT-EP10

Olympus PT-EP10


Olympus E-PL5 camera and PT-EP10 housing review by Dan Bolt

And so it came to pass that almost two years to the day since I first got hold of my faithful Olympus E-PL1, that my chums at Cameras Underwater thrust into my eager hands the Olympus PT-EP10 housing for the newly arrived E-PL5 PEN camera.

As we all know, two years in the real world might as well be two light-years in the digital imaging world with the latest batch of class-leading cameras being hugely more capable photo taking devices than models only a generations or two older. The same is true of the E-PL5, as after the launch Olympus’s much lauded O-MD camera at roughly twice the price of the next best PEN camera there was a real gap opening up not only in terms of performance but in quality and expectation of the PEN line of cameras too.

While the O-MD has seen a large uptake amongst underwater photographers, thanks in part to Nauticam releasing a housing mere milliseconds after the camera was seen in public for the first time, Olympus’ decision to redesign the port mount on their own O-MD housing left us current PEN users high and dry. With their offering of a plastic housing which cost as much as an aluminium one but reliant on 3rd party manufacturers to come up with an adaptor for our existing ports, seeing new-comers to the M4/3rds format using all the new toys was some-what frustrating to say the least.


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