Profoto D2 Duo Kit 1000/1000 (περιλαμβάνει 2 × D2 AirTTL - 2 × Power cable - 1 × Bag S Plus)

Profoto D2 Duo Kit 1000/1000  (περιλαμβάνει  2 × D2 AirTTL - 2 × Power cable - 1 × Bag S Plus)

D2 1000 AirTTL

The world's fastest monolight with TTL

Profoto D2. Always up to speed.

With the Profoto D2, you’re always up to speed. Whether you’re shooting portrait, food, fashion or sport, with a flash duration of up to 1/63,000 of a second you’ll get a great shot every time. This is high-end light shaping excellence in a superfast and versatile package for photographers who demand only the very best.

The D2 can be fully integrated with AirTTL flashes like the B1 and B2. You can shoot with all flashes in TTL or manual mode or combine them as you wish. For example set the D2 in manual for the background and use the B1 or B2 in TTL as the main flash. HSS is available in both manual and TTL modes.

6 reasons to choose the Profoto D2

Freeze the moment
The D2 can provide super quick flash durations up to 1/63,000 of a second. Shoot a splash of water and it will be frozen in mid-air – a photographic work of art.

Catch the moment
The D2 can shoot up to 20 flashes per second. That’s fast enough to catch the best of any moment. Ask your subject to jump and you’ll have 20 mid-air exposures to choose from.

Control your surroundings
Profoto High-Speed Sync (HSS) enables you to shoot with shutter speeds up to 1/8,000 of a second. Use HSS to shoot with large aperture in bright conditions or to freeze action with absolute sharpness.

Shoot with ease using TTL
Point-and-shoot in TTL Mode. Switch to Manual Mode and control the light with intuitive buttons and menus. Forget about the flash and focus on the light.

Overpower any light
The D2 packs enough of punch to overpower the available light in almost any situation. Its power is also a blessing when shooting at larger distances or when using larger Light Shaping Tools.

Grow with speed
It has the speed to set you free, and the power for you to be at your best. It’s an integrated part of the extensive Profoto system. Go full speed ahead with the D2.

  • Available in 500 and 1000 Ws adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments over a 10 f-stop power range to give you both power and precise control.
  • Bursts up to 20 flashes per second with flash durations up to 1/63,000 of a second.
  • High Speed Sync up to 1/8,000 s.
  • Shoot in TTL or manual mode.
  • Fully integrated with other AirTTL flashes like B1 and B2.
  • Built-in reflector for maximum output and minimizing of straylight.
  • High-resolution display with a superior, intuitive interface.
  • Optional Quartz flashtube for high volume packshot available.
  • Compatible with 120+ Light Shaping Tools from Profoto's renowned light shaping system.




Technical specification

General Specifications

  • Max energy:1000
  • Energy range:10 f-stops (2-1000Ws)
  • Energy control increments:1/10 or full f-stops
  • Recycling time:0.03-1.2s
  • Max modeling light (W):Max 300W (Halogen)
  • Modeling light control:Max, Prop, Free, Off
  • Mode control:Freeze (shortest flash duration) or Normal (color balance) mode
  • Flash duration Normal mode (t0.5):1/1600 s (1,000 Ws) - 1/11,000 s (2 Ws)
  • Flash duration Freeze mode (t0.5):1/1600 s (1,000 Ws) - 1/50,000 s (2 Ws)
  • Energy stability Normal mode:+- 1/20 f-stop
  • Energy stability Freeze mode:+- 1/20 f-stop
  • Color stability Normal mode:+-150 K over range. +-20 K flash to flash
  • Color stability Freeze mode:+-1200 K over range. +-100 K flash to flash
  • Energy control increments:1/10 or full f-stops
  • Guide number @ 2m / 100 ISO with Magnum Reflector:64 8/10
  • Input power supply:100-127 V / 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz (nominal)

Syncronization and Control

  • Sync socket(s):1
  • Wire sync voltage:Compliant to ISO 10330 standard
  • Wire sync connector:3.5mm Mini-Phono
  • Photocell/IR-slave and switch:Yes
  • Radio sync & control:Yes, Built in AirTTL supporting wireless sync control, TTL and HSS. (Requires Air Remote TTL. Sold separately.)
  • Radio sync range:Up to 300m (1000ft)
  • MAC / PC control:Yes, via optional Profoto Air USB transceiver and Profoto Studio software (available from Nov 2016)


  • Function display:Hi-resolution LCD display
  • Fan cooling:Yes, thermally controlled fan speed for low noice level.
  • Ready signaling:Yes, ready lamp, dim and/or switchable beep sound.
  • Auto dumping:Yes
  • USB interface:Yes, USB Micro port for FW upgrading
  • Quick burst:Up to 20 flashes /s
  • Fuse Requirement per unit at max. Speed Setting:Slow blow 6 A/ 230 V, 10 A/ 120 V
  • Automatic mains fuse type:C, D, E 6A/230V 10A/120V


  • Dimensions:31x13x18 cm 12.2x5.1x7.1 in
  • Weight:3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)

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