Walimex Daylight 720 with Softbox, 45x65cm

Walimex Daylight 720 with Softbox, 45x65cm

Κωδικός : 15297

  • powerful continuous light
  • uncomplicated type of lighting
  • can be used with compact cameras
  • cold light source reduces heat development in studio
  • with 6 environment-friendly 24W bulbs instead of conventional 6x120W
  • bulbs can be switched on and off in pairs
  • colour temperature: 5400K
  • E27 lamp holder
  • with Softbox: 45x65cm and front diffuser
  • can be mounted diagonally or vertically on the lamp tripod


  • 1x walimex Daylight 720 with Softbox, 45x65cm with 6 24W Daylight Spiral Lamps, Front Diffuser and Power Cable

Τεχνικές Προδιαγραφές :

Daylight 720 with Softbox  
Dimensions Softbox (HxW) approx. 45x65cm
Power Output 6x 24W Daylight Spiral Lamp (720W conventional)
Light Output 960 lux (at a distance of 2m)
Colour Temperature 5400K
Socket E27
Connection 5/8 inch
Total Weight approx. 4000g
Material metal, plastic, synthetic fibre
Daylight Spiral Lamp  
Performance data and references as per EG-Regulation Nr. 244/2009 guideline 2005/32/EG
Item Description Daylight Spiral Lamp 24W
Socket E27
Nominal/ Rated wattage 24W
Nominal voltage 220-240V / 50-60Hz / 80mA
Number of switching cycles before parmanent lamp failure >10000
Nominal lifetime 6000h
Color temperature 5400K
Rated warm-up time (60%) 0,6s
Dimmable no
Dimensions approx. l 150mm, Ø 50mm
Content of mercury <3mg
Nominal/ Rated luminous flux 1300lm
Lumen main. fact. at end of nominal lifetime > 50%
Starting time 0,1s
Color rendering index Ra 81

EAN – Code : 4250234552974

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