Walimex pro 360o Ambient Light Softbox 65cm with Softboxadapter Aurora/Bowens

Walimex pro 360o Ambient Light Softbox 65cm with Softboxadapter Aurora/Bowens
  • 360� Ambient Light Softbox, circumference 65 cm, extremely fast assembly due to "push-down" mechanism
  • High-quality processing with metal rods and light-resistant material
  • Light and compact for studio and outdoor use
  • Practical quick-change bayonet, with separately available softbox adapters suitable for all flash systems/heads
  • Omnidirectional light distribution for very uniform illumination
  • Scope of supply: Walimex pro 360� Ambient Light Softbox, carrier bag

Περιγραφή :

The softbox for the right ambience
The 360� Ambient Light Softbox is an exceptional light shaper for photographers as well as filmmakers. The omnidirectional light distribution is particularly suitable for uniformly illuminating rooms and (interior) architecture. With this softbox daylight can be simulated in closed rooms. Directed at a model from above, this innovative light shaper reproduces the ambience of a street lamp.

Ingeniously simple construction
The 360� Ambient Light Softbox can be set up very quickly and very easily and can of course be dismantled and stowed away just as quickly after use. The ideal solution not only for photographers who need to make room in the studio quickly after shooting, but also for photographers who want to use the 360� Ambient Light Softbox outdoors. The 360� Ambient Light Softbox incl. softbox adapter (available separately for all flash systems) is so compact that it can be folded up and stored in the carrying bag that it fits into any setup and is therefore always there. To assemble, pull the diffusor cover over the rods and then place the still folded rods vertically on the floor. You press the rods down into the holder, just like with a umbrella. The boom engages noticeably. Finished.

Connection to all flash systems and flash heads
The 360� Ambient Light Softbox is connected to your flash system or flash heads via a Walimex pro Softbox adapter, which you can purchase separately - for all flash systems. The Softbox adapter is then simply placed in the Speed Ring (quick-change bayonet) and fixed with the four screws - and the 360� Ambient Light Softbox is ready for use with your flash head. The Softbox adapter can of course remain mounted for transport in the supplied carrying bag with shoulder strap. Another gimmick: The type of softbox and the size are printed on the various softbox pockets - so the tedious search for the right softbox in the "light former fundus" is finally a thing of the past and you have the right light former at your fingertips with one grip.

Fast and easy to achieve the perfect result
With the 360� Ambient Light Softbox, which is easy and quick to mount, you are well equipped for all shootings and can realize all image ideas. Be creative - we deliver the right equipment.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :

1x Walimex pro 360� Ambient Light Softbox 65cm

General information

Material Aluminium, Synthetic material, 100% polyester, Stainless steel
Product Color Black, Silver, White
Product Type Softbox
Weight 1230g


Girth 1710mm
Height of Packaging 205mm
Length of Packaging 890mm
Packaging Material Carton
Weight incl. Packaging 1960g
Width of Packaging 205mm

1x Walimex pro Softboxadapter f�r Aurora/Bowens

General information

Material Metal
Product Color Silver
Width 152mm
Weight 105g


Bayonet Aurora/Bowens
Outer Diameter 152mm
inner diamter 95mm


Girth 580mm
Height of Packaging 60mm
Length of Packaging 200mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 174g
Width of Packaging 200mm


Girth 2740mm
Height of Packaging 620mm
Length of Packaging 1640mm
Weight incl. Packaging 2134g
Width of Packaging 440mm

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  • 1 x Walimex pro 360� Ambient Light Softbox
  • Tragetasche
  • Walimex Softboxadapter Aurora/Bowens-Bajonett
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