Walimex pro Camera Belt with 2x V-Dock Argus

Walimex pro Camera Belt with 2x V-Dock Argus
  • Camera belt with 2x V-Dock 'Argus' for comfortable carrying and fast reaching of two cameras
  • Argus consists of V-Dock for the belt and V-Clip quick release plate for the camera (Arca-Swiss compatible)
  • Safeguard in the V-Dock prevents accidental release of the camera
  • 2 Holster Pads for the protection of camera and thighs included, additional safety belt prevents camera from dangling during waiting times and movement
  • Belt adjustable from 85 to 145 cm in length, click fastener with protection against unintentional opening
  • Carrying capacity per V-Dock 5 kg, V-Docks can also be mounted on normal stable belts or straps

Περιγραφή :

Draw the camera like a Colt!
The most obvious connotation of a hip belt with a camera is of course that of a gunslinger with his Colt. Attaching the camera to the belt is really an incredibly practical way to keep the device handy at all times. For this purpose, the camera is equipped with a quick-release plate, the V-Clip, from which a ball bolt protrudes. This ball is inserted into a V-shaped channel on the V-Dock, which is attached to the belt. Now the camera is hanging on the V-Dock. A snap-action mechanism that can be released at the touch of a button prevents the camera from accidentally jumping out of the V-Dock. With a little practice, you can carry the camera on your hip and then pull it faster than your shadow. Okay, almost faster.

A stable belt distributes the load
The belt is the be-all and end-all in this construction. Because with it you distribute the load of your equipment on the hips. That's why our belt is wide, well padded and breathable. It can be extended from 85 to 145 cm and can therefore be worn by both smaller as well as heavier photographers. The precise adjustment guarantees a secure fit. The buckle, a click fastener made of sturdy plastic, has a safety switch. If this is actuated, the buckle cannot be opened. This prevents unintentional opening of the buckle, even by careless movements.

The Holster Pads protect legs and cameras
Attach the holster pads to the belt. The holster pads protect your cameras from shocks when you move - and it also protects your thighs from bruises from a camera that's flapping around. The holster pad is attached to the camera strap by passing it under the belt. Then fold the upper part around the belt. A Velcro fastener ensures that it remains closed at all times. The fastening only takes seconds.

Safety strap for times of standby
A red, elastic safety strap is attached to the camera belt. You can tighten this strap around the camera you currentls don't use and thus secure it against dangling around. It is best to use this function if you will not need the camera for a while. The red safety belt has two ring carabiners that you can use to attach it to the 8 D-rings of the belt. The D-rings can also carry other equipment, such as gaffer tape, gloves or anything else that can be fitted with a carabiner.

V-dock, the central part
The V-Dock forms a unit with the V-Clip. The V-Dock is attached to the camera belt or a regular stable belt. The V-Clip is a quick-release plate that is attached to the camera. The V-Clip is compatible with Arca-Swiss quick release systems, so the camera can also be mounted on compatible tripod heads without modification. The ball bolt of the V-Clip fits flexibly in the V-Dock: The camera can still be rotated freely and can also be swivelled at a certain angle. This prevents damage much more than a rigid mounting would.

5 kg Load capacity per V-dock
The V-Docks are designed for a load of 5 kg. This means you can carry even heavy cameras with large lenses comfortably on your belt. The dock can also be used individually on other sturdy belts or straps.

V-Clip is also quick release plate
The V-Clip is also an Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate. It can be used to clamp the camera directly from the V-Dock onto an Arca-Swiss tripod head.

Available in the Argus series:

  • Art. No. 22755 Walimex pro Camera Belt with V-Dock Argus (for one camera, left or right)
  • Art. No. 22756 Walimex pro Camera Belt with 2x V-Dock Argus (for two cameras, left and right)
  • Art. No. 22757 Walimex pro V-Dock Argus for camera (single V-Dock without holster pad)

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :

General information

Product Type Camera Strap, Camera Bracket
Product Color Silver, Black, red
Material Metal, Aluminium alloy, Polyester, Rubber
Weight 1180g


Girth 910mm
Height of Packaging 70mm
Length of Packaging 220mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1480g
Width of Packaging 350mm

Περιλαμβάνει :

  • 1x camera strap with 8 D-rings and 1x safety strap
  • 2x Holster-Pad
  • 2x V-Dock made of aluminium alloy
  • 2x V-Clip made of aluminium-zinc alloy with rubberized plate
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  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Παράδοση 4-10 ημέρες
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