Walimex pro power source adapter for 2Go series

Walimex pro power source adapter for 2Go series
  • Mains adapter for devices in the 2Go series that are usually battery-powered
  • Enables longer use thanks to direct connection to mains
  • Quick and simple to convert
  • Suitable for Walimex pro Flash2Go 600 TTL studio battery-powered flash, and the LED2Go 60 Daylight video lamp

Περιγραφή :

Can be used longer thanks to mains connection

Who hasn�t experienced this? Just when you need it, your battery gives up the ghost. That�s fine if you have a charged spare battery ready, or the device can be connected to the mains. With the Walimex pro mains adapter, you can plug in your Walimex pro 2Go devices to the mains and continue to use them for as long as you want. In the meantime, you can store your batteries so you�ll be equipped for your next trip.

Conversion is really easy. Remove the battery and place the adapter in the same place. And off you go.

technical description

Walimex pro 2Go series power adapter
input coltage AC 110 V / AC 230 V
rated output voltage DC 12 V
output range DC 11,4 V � 12,6 V
0A � 20A
output power/rated power 240 W
operating temperatur -10 - +40�C
operation at rel. humidity <+90%
size 104 x 100 x 90 mm
net weight 550 g

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General information

Product Type AC adapter
Width 100mm
Length 104mm
Weight 550g
Height 90mm


Output voltage power supply unit (V) 12V
Output power power supply unit 240Watt


Girth 765mm
Height of Packaging 165mm
Length of Packaging 135mm
Weight incl. Packaging 550g
Width of Packaging 135mm

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  • 1� mains adapter
  • 1� mains cable
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