Mantona Armadillo DSLR black grey

Mantona Armadillo DSLR black grey
Product information "mantona Armadillo DSLR schwarz grau"
  • Light, yet versatile flex tripod with an armadillo design
  • Can be bent, wrapped and folded – ideal indoors, outdoors and for travel
  • For digital and video camera, smartphones and actions cams weighing up to 3 kg
  • Working height 8 to 28 cm
  • Multi-functional ball head with 90° tilt function, quick-release plate and bubble level
  • Includes GoPro adapter and smartphone mount

Multi-functional, extremely sturdy flex tripod If other tripods can't cope, the mantona armadillo flex tripod is the solution. This compact and light tripod is the ideal partner for your photo equipment. These tripods with their armadillo design can be bent, wrapped and folded into any shape, ensuring that your photo equipment can be securely attached to almost any object. Whether tubes, bars, rails, branches, the edge of a wall, cliffs or pods – with its flexible, adjustable legs, this flex tripod can be attached easily and securely in any angle.


Mantona armadillo - simply greater security and functionality for your equipment

The mantona armadillo simply offers more of everything. You can safely attach medium-weight cameras or camcorders weighing up to 3 kg on this tripod. The leg construction is thoroughly robust and the tripod has a very sturdy leg and ball head slot. The ball head of the armadillo is a real highlight and combines clever and practical solutions. The ball head can be rotated 360° and the large fixation screw combines simple handling with high retention force. The format can be changed in an instant thanks to the U-shaped indentation in the ball head.

The inbuilt quick-release plate can be loosened in a flash using the quick-action lock. Your equipment can be attached with ease to the incorporated 1/4-inch thread connector. Inserting and removing the quick-release plate is foolproof because the quick-release plate has guide rails that mean that it can carry an impressive weight of up to 3 kg. A bubble level will make it easier for you to adjust your equipment, and the quick-release plate can be secured using a separate locking screw to prevent it from falling off. The attached equipment cannot come loose, even if it is heavy, and will sit securely and reliably in place.

Practical for transportation – the mini tripod you can have with you at all times

The armadillo DSLR tripod, with its folded dimensions of 52 x 65 x 290 mm, is compact and is very light, weighing just 265 g. It can be put away in almost any bag and taken almost anywhere.

Armadillo as a table or hand tripod

The armadillo tripod is almost impressive as a table or hand tripod. Thanks to the steady legs and non-slip rubber feet, the armadillo can also be used as a mini or table tripod. The working height is from approx. 8 to 28 cm depending on the leg angle and the ball head adjustment. Whether for micro shots close to the ground or longer exposure times, using this tripod will ensure optimum results. When used as a hand tripod, the soft “scales” on the legs of the armadillo ensure a pleasant feel.

Smartphone mount and GoPro adapters included

You can, of course, attach smartphones or action cams to the armadillo DLSR. The necessary mounts and adapters for the 1/4-inch connector of the quick-release plate are included as standard. There’ll be nothing stopping you from now on from taking spontaneous shots with your smartphone or action cam.

  • The high-quality tripod legs with an armadillo design make this item particularly flexible
  • Extremely versatile, sturdy and secure construction
  • Can be bent, wrapped and folded – ideal indoors, outdoors and for travel
  • Also suitable for medium-weight digital and video cameras, smartphone and action cams
  • Multi-functional ball head with 90° tilt function, quick-release plate and bubble level
  • GoPro adapter and smartphone mount included

General information

Product Type Photo tripod accessories, Mini tripod, Flexible mini tripod , Hand tripod
Material ABS, synthetic material, Rubber
Product Color Black, Grey
Length 290mm
Width 65mm
Height 60mm
Weight 290g


Max. Load Tripod 3000g
Material Tripod Legs Synthetic material
Tripod Head Ball head
Number Tripod Legs 3St
Number of Gummed Leg Segments 3St.
Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 1
Max. Height Tripod without ball head Head permanently installedmm
Tripod incl. head Yes
Camera connection 1/4 inch, With the thread adaptor from 1/4 to 3/8 inch adaptable
Width Quick Change Plate 45mm
Height quick release plate 10mm
Arca Swiss suitable No
Max. Capacity 3kg
Removable with fall arrest Yes
Wrist Strap No
Leg Angle Adjustment Continuosly variable


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