Walimex pro GN-806 Lamp stand 215cm

Walimex pro GN-806 Lamp stand 215cm
  • Highly stable, versatile and compact lighting tripod – not just for strobe fans
  • Ground-level or mid-level spreader for the perfect tripod setup at any location
  • Top-quality workmanship and features, plus an ingenious and durable design
  • Maximum working height 215 cm, max. load 5 kg
  • Folds to just 59 cm for stowing, weighs only 1.57 kg
  • Metal quick-release/lock lever for a fast but secure setup

A stylish and cleverly designed lighting tripod that's not just for strobe fans
The walimex pro GN-806 tripod is a modern lighting tripod featuring a host of clever design details. Usable as a lighting or studio tripod, it features both a mid-level and a ground spreader for the tripod legs. This feature will really be appreciated when working – the tripod legs are no longer in the way and don't create trip hazards, regardless of whether you're shooting indoors or outdoors. With a footprint of 102 cm in diameter, the tripod is also incredibly stable. Able to take up to 5 kg of gear, the walimex pro GN-806 tripod can be used to mount a wide range of photographic equipment, from dedicated flash units to studio strobes, LED lights, reflectors, and a wide range of light shapers and other photographic gear.


Huge working height, compact dimensions
With the walimex pro GN-806 tripod, you can adjust your working height from 60 to 215 cm. When using the ground spreader, your working height maxes out at 185 cm, while the mid-level spreader gives you a lofty 215 cm. Folding down to an incredibly compact 59 cm and weighing just 1.57 kg, this handy tripod is easily transportable for when you're shooting on location.


Premium materials plus great usability
Each component in the GN-806 tripod is made from high-quality aluminium and therefore 100% resistant to corrosion. With 4 centre column segments 30, 26, 22 and 19 mm in diameter and solid legs, this tripod offers an impressive level of stability. Featuring a premium surface finish and cleverly designed controls plus all-metal closures, the tripod stays comfortable and easy to handle even during long shooting sessions. The fitted 16 mm spigot adapter with 1/4- and 3/8-inch mounting screws also lets you attach a wide range of photographic equipment.

  • Legs configurable with a mid-level or ground spreader
  • Premium finish plus ingenious design details
  • Quick and simple to set up
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Aluminium and metal for superior durability
  • Incl. versatile mounting adapter

  • Working height with mid-level spreader: 87 to 215 cm
  • Working height with ground spreader: 57 to 185 cm
  • Materials: Aluminium (tripod), all-metal (screw fittings)
  • Maximum load 5 kg
  • Four tripod segments (3 telescopic)
  • Tripod centre column diameter: 30, 26, 22, 19 mm
  • Size folded: 59 cm
  • Weight 1.57 kg
Max. Working Height: 2150 mm
  • Views: 702
  • Κατασκευαστής: Walimex
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  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Παράδοση 4-10 ημέρες
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